Explore the colours of the nature in Perantalapalli


Perantalapalli is a small village nestled in the Velerupadu mandal in Khammam District in Telangana. The village is settled at the Kunavaram-Rajahmundry waterway. Surrounded by lush green trees and the bounties of the nature, the village offers beautiful bounties of the nature. The ambience is so calm and serene that is will refresh your mind and soul.

Visit this peaceful place with utmost ease
The village offers picturesque views of the Papi Hills and offers you to enjoy the views of the waterfalls in the Munivaatam. The place also offers the extraordinary views of the confluence of the River Godavari and the River Sabari. Visiting this place is very easy as it is located in closed proximity to the Khamman District.

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