A planned stay becomes more of travelling whether it is a business trip or a holiday trip or any emergency trip. Holidays are the jolly days for every one that comes after great effort. When you are planning a trip, you will think that everything must be perfect from top to bottom when it comes to clothing.

Carrying each type of clothing is really impossible. Here are some tips as what type of clothing you have to wear and carry on to your trip.

  1. Firstly, check the season in which you have planned your trip.
  2. Pack your clothes that matches the warm and chilly season.
  3. Every outfit that you wear on holiday trip should be comfortable and not so heavy clothes as you have to wear it all the day.

  4. Select your clothing according to the season.
  5. It is very well known that sequins are very much in trend for holiday wear, if the plan is to go to beaches and islands.
  6. Jeans, leggings, comfortable shirts, cotton dresses, light weight fashionable dresses, scarfs, hankies and night dresses etc to be packed.