Explore the diversity of life in the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary


Nestled in the Khammam District in Telangana, the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is an exotic wildlife sanctuary that showcases the natural habitat of some of the most dangerous and exotic wild animals. The sanctuary is located just 21 kilometres away from the Paloncha town, which is located in the Khammam District. Spread over a total area of 635 km2, the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect blend of the brilliance of the nature and the wilderness of the wild animals.
Witness some of the rare animal species
The witness tourist folks from all around the country who wish to experience a wild safari. The Sanctuary is located in a midst of dense green forest which offers wonderful views of the nature. The Kinnerasani Lake serves as the water source for the fauna living of the sanctuary. It is the home for various animal species such as sloth bear, tiger, jackals, hyena, quails, jungle fowl, gaurs and many more.
Easily reach it without any trouble
The sanctuary also features with a wide range of flora such as bamboo, teak, maddi, bandaru, amla and many more. It is also located at a very convenient location as it is just 15 kilometres apart from the Bhadrachalam Road Railway Station. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between October to May when the weather is quite cool.

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