Allen Forest Zoo – A world of creatures


Located in the industrial city with a green area of 76.65 hectares, is the famous Kanpur Zoological park. This zoo is in the natural forest area. This was started in between 1913-1918 by a British Industrialist named Mr. George Burney Allen. The construction took 2 years from 1971 to 1973 and Otter was the first animal caught by a fisherman, which was placed in this zoo.

This place has quite interesting animals of its own brand. Some of the animals in this zoo are the Rhinoceros with horns, swamp deers, cheetah, orangutan, black bear, monkeys, zebra, chimpanzee, thamin and other exotic species and varieties of birds where everyone loves to hear the sounds of the birds. The animal of pride, the tigers and lions and leopards can also be seen.

There are facilities for the visitors like water taps and water coolers for drinking, food canteens, and comfortable seaters for resting also are available where children and also elders can enjoy having fun.

How to reach

Reaching Allen Forest Zoo by air is easy which 15kms away from Kanpur airport is. This park is well connected by road to all major places of Kanpur. Railway station is at a distance of 9kms from the zoo. The zoo is open from 8am to 5.30pm and holiday is on Monday.

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