Mahaparinirvana Temple – a largest Buddhist temple in India


Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is a major pilgrimage today for the Buddhists of India. This is the religious place in India where Gautama Buddha has entered into the Mahaparinirvana in Kushinagar. This temple has main Nirvana stupa behind it. Mahaparinirvana temple is famous for the statue of Lord Budda lying on his right side facing towards the west side that is the highlight of this temple and is at a height of 6.10 meters which is made of monolith red sand stone.

Visiting this temple gives the holy experience for all the tourists and the travellers. The Lord Buddha statue in the temple leaves us in a peaceful world when seen. This statue was the religious gift of Mahavihara Swami Haribala and is the center of attraction for this temple.

This is considered to be a destination for the buddist which is a very important pilgrimage as there are many stupas. The ideal time for visiting Kushinagar is from October to March. The visiting hours of this temple are from morning 6 to evening 6.

How to reach

There is an airport at Gorakhpur which is near at about 44kms from Kushinagar. Also Gorakhpur again is the nearest railway station. Extensive connection of roads from Kushinagar to the major cities like Sarnath and Agra.

Mahaparinirvana Temple Video

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