Kusum Sarovar – a religious place with serene water


Kusum sarovar is one of the religious and the most peaceful scenic place located on the banks of the Yamuna river. It is a big water kund that is 450 ft long and with a depth of 60 ft, with stairs from all the sides to get into it. A beautiful serene place with calmness around and water floating silently that attracts and steals the hearts of lot many tourists. Here in the water, you can swim and also feed the fishes that are the auspicious things here. This is the best swimming spot even today.

As per the puranas, this kusum sarovar belongs to the period of Lord Krishna, who is being worshipped across the world. Lord Krishna is the 8th child of Devaki and Vasudev. Goddess Radha used to pick the flowers for Lord Krishna from this kusum sarovar. There are kadamb trees all over this area and it is said that these trees are favourite of Lord Krishna. Harathi is also given daily in the evenings.

How to reach

If reaching by air, then Agra airport is the nearest that is 46kms away from Mathura. However, regular trains and bus services are available from all over the country to Mathura where you may have great travelling experience.

Kusum Sarovar Video

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