Mathura Museum


Every location has its own museums and collections of the past heritage with its own name. This is one of the oldest and an archaeological museum situated at Dampier nagar in Mathura with excellent collections of the sculptures of the ancient Mathura. Mr. F.S. Growse had started this museum in 1874. You feel mesmerised with the architecture of the building itself constructed with red sandstone and in octagonal shape.

The museum is famous for its numerous mind blowing collections of gold, silver and copper coins, earlier paintings, potteries, kushana sculptures, bronze collections and terracotta collections and other arts works. This museum represents the rich heritage of Mathura. Also this museum is one of the major attractions for the sculptures placed here from the Mathura School.

This place is used for research and studies and heritage preservations, where this museum provides the best resources for ancient Indian art study and also iconography.

You may visit the museum are on all days except on Monday and the timings are 10.30am to 6 pm.

How to reach

You may reach the museum from Mathura through all the available means of transport and is easy to reach.

Mathura Museum Video

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