Jhansi Fort – a major historical attraction of Uttar Pradesh (or) Victory of our woman


Jhansi Fort is one of the major historical attractions for the tourists of the important city Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. Situated on Bangira, a large hill top for army strong hold with its historical significance. This Fort was made in 17th century by Raja Bir Singh of Orchha. Lakshmi Bai attained the glory in the battle for which it is named as Jhansi Ki Rani Fort where every Indian must be proud of her.

There is Karak Bijli tank which is the most attracted point for the tourists. Jhansi is also known and the gateway to Bundelkhand. This also has a museum with the collection of arms and sculptures in the history of Bundelkhand within the fort.

The fort gives excellent views from top of the hill. It’s amazing architecture in north indian style with granite walls and unique design gives us an awesome feeling when you visit Jhansi Fort.

How to reach

You can reach Jhansi by air for which the nearest airport is Gwalior airport which is around 115 kms away. There is an excellent network of trains and buses to Jhansi from all the major cities of our country. This Jhansi fort may be visited at any time in the year.

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