Take a close look at Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary the natural habitat of the wild animals


Beautifully located in the Adilabad District, the Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary offers a brilliant opportunity to explore the glory of the nature along with the sights of some of the wild animals. The sanctuary is located on the banks of the River Pranahita, which is a tributary of the River Godavari, and provides more mesmerizing look to the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a charming landscape located on the Deccan Plateau, which is blessed with a diverse variety of natural habitats.

Witness the diversity of life forms offered by the sanctuary
Spread over a land of 136 km2, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary offers to witness the wildlife living in their natural habitat. It serves as a home for a wide range of wild animals such as tiger, sloth bear, hyenas, wild dogs, rhesus, forest cats, leopards and many more.  The location of the sanctuary is also very convenient as it is just 35 kilometres away from the Mancherial, which is very well connected by roads.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary Video

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