Explore the wilderness in Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary


Covering an area of 860 square kilometres, Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1952, offering wonderful opportunity to the tourists to witness some of the wild animals in their natural habitat. The sanctuary offers picturesque views of the beauty of the nature and landscape. In the middle of the sanctuary there is a large lake that adds beauty to the area and this lake is the main source of water for the animals living here.

Habitat of the sanctuary
The sanctuary features with a diverse flora of the dry deciduous teak forest with trees like Terminalia, Mohua, Bamboo, Pterocarpus and many more. The fauna of the sanctuary include Hyena, Sloth Bear, Panther, Wild Boar, Jackal, Wild Dog and many more. The sanctuary can be a perfect destination if you wish to explore the glory of the nature and the wilderness of the wildlife.

How and when to visit?
You can reach the sanctuary conveniently as it is about 60 kilometres from the Kazipet Railway. It is also very well connected with the roads as it will take you to drive just 130 kilometres in order to reach this marvellous place. November to June are the best time to visit the sanctuary.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary Video

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