Visit Lower Manair Dam to witness the true colours of the nature


Karimnagar is truly blessed with a number of tourist destinations, one of the most famous tourist spots in this district is the Lower Manair Dam, which is constructed on the Manair River. Nestled in the middle of the endless bounties of the nature, the dam offers wonderful picturesque views to the tourists.     The height of the dam is around 27 meters and the rectangular area is over 6,475 km2.

Enjoy the scenic views offered by the dam
The dam features with 20 floodgates which offer marvellous scenic views of the water gushing out of the gates in full force. The best time to visit the dam is during the monsoon season when the water is at its highest level. The dam is 165 kilometres away from the Hyderabad which is the capital city of the state. For more adventure and delight, the dam authorities also have arrangements of boating, you can take a ride on one of the speedboats and have a wonderful tourism experience.

Manair Dam Video

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