Explore the natural beauty at the Mallela Thirtham Waterfall


Mallela Thirtham is a waterfall that offers scenic views and glory of the nature to the tourists. The waterfall is truly gifted with the various bounties of the nature. Located at an exotic location in a valley, the waterfall is a marvellous place to witness the wonders of the nature. The waterfall is surrounded by greenery which will make you feel refreshing. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Telangana offering calm and serene ambience to the visitors.

Reach the waterfall with utmost ease
In order to witness this amazing place you will have to walk about 350 steps as it is nestled in the middle of a dense forest. Located in the midst of the wonders of the nature, the waterfall is just 185 kilometres away from Hyderabad and 58 kilometres from Srisailam. It is a marvellous place to visit all around the year, though the flow of the water becomes narrow during summers.

Enjoy various activities in peaceful environment
The height of the fall is 150 feet and the water flows through the dense forest into a small stream and then meets the mighty River Krishna. The waterfall attracts the tourist folks from all around the country and offers them various opportunities for some adventures such as campfire, sliding, river crossing and trekking.

Mallela Thirtham Waterfall Video

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