Experience the beauty of the nature in the serenity of Kuntala Waterfall


Nestled in Kuntala, Adilabad District, Telangana, Kuntala Waterfall is the highest waterfall in this state which offers superb tourism experiences to the tourists from the whole country. Located in the middle of dense green forest and Sahayadri mountain range, Kuntala Waterfall is blessed with nature’s beauty at its very best. It is situated on the River Kadem in the Neredigonda Mandal and has a height of 147 feet and it flows deep into the jungle.

Get mesmerized with the scenic views of Kuntala Waterfall
According to the local people this majestic place is named after the name of the beloved wife of King Dushyanth, Shakuntala. The pair fell in love with each other in the mesmerizing and scenic beauty of this waterfall. If you happen to be in Telangana, then Kuntala Waterfall can be a perfect place for you to enjoy in the lap of nature and take a close look at the beauty of the nature.

Reach this place conveniently
This marvellous place is located at a very convenient place, as the area is very well connected through roads and rails. The nearest railway station located near this waterfall is Adilabad Railway Station, which is just 57 km away, while the nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad. The best time to visit this place is Monsoon season because this is the time when you will be able the witness the glory of nature at its peak.

Kuntala Waterfall Video

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