Enjoy in the serene and refreshing ambience of Pochera Waterfall


Commonly known as a District of Forests, Adilabad District is also blessed with numerous waterfalls. Pochera Waterfalls are a unique waterfall perfectly nestled in amidst of the beauty of the nature, offering marvellous scenic views to the tourists. It is the deepest of all the waterfalls located in Telangana.

Take a close look at the brilliance of the nature
The waterfall experiences tourists from all around the country and can be a wonderful place to visit if you wish to witness the glory and charm of the nature. The fall of the Pochera Waterfall is 20 meter high. Visiting this place can be a marvellous experience for you as it offers a close interaction with the nature.

Reach the waterfall with ease
The waterfall is very conveniently located as it is just 37 kilometres away from the Nirmal town, 47 kilometres away from Adilabad District and just 7 kilometres away from Boath. The connectivity of the place is also awesome as it is very well connected through roads.

Pochera Waterfall Video

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