Do visit the Ethipothala waterfalls for its sheer natural beauty


Ethipothala waterfalls is a tourist attraction near the NagarjunaSagar Dam. It is located in the Nalgonda district, which is also famous for various other attractions apart from this waterfall. Tourists from all over India and the world come to witness the nature from so close. The picturesque waterfall also has mesmerising views of the greenery. Situated at around 11 kilometres from NagarjunaSagar Dam, this location must not be missed when you are on a trip to Telangana. A small but well maintained park is near the waterfall which can be visited if you are with your family and kids.

Ways to reach Ethipothala waterfalls
To reach Ethipothala waterfalls, you can use the bus, train or personal conveyance. It is situated at around 150 kilometres from Hyderabad from where you can take the bus or train. The nearest railway station from NagarjunaSagar Dam is Macherla which is located at about 24 kilometres from Ethipothala waterfalls.

When you must be planning your trip to the waterfalls?
The beauty of the Ethipothala waterfall is at its peak in the monsoons and the hence the best time to visit the place is either in July or in the winter season in December and January.

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