Visit Jatprole temple complex and witness the ancient glory of India


Nestled in Amanaganti Seema, Jatprole is a small town which is commonly known as the Land of Temples in Telangana. The area features with a wide range of beautiful sculptures, which have their own heritage importance. The two of the most famous tourist attractions in this town are Madanagopala Swamy Temple and the Agasthyeswara Swamy Temple. Tourists from all around the country visit the witness these temples which were established back in 16th and 10th Century AD respectively.

Learn about the ancient history of the temples
The best time to visit both of these temples is during the festivals like Karthika Poornima, Shivarathri and Toli Ekadasi. The town is located at a very convenient location as it is just 9 kilometres away from Kollapur and 158 from the Mahaboobnagar. The Agasthyesvara Temple features with magnificent pillars and beautiful sculptures, which will take you back to the ancient days. The Madanagopala Swamy Temple was built Rajas of Jetprolu and is one of the largest temples of the state.

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