Visit Alampur to witness the ancient glory


Alampur is a temple town located on the banks of the River Tungabhadra in Telangana. It is the meeting point of two mighty rivers i.e. Krishna and Tungabhadra and is also considered to be as a gateway of Sirsailam. The architecture and the historical temples of the region provide a glimpse of Badami Chalukyan architectural glory. The region was ruled by a number of South Indian dynasties and is famous for its temples and religious places.

Explore the historical temples in the town
One of the most popular attractions of the area is the Jogulamba Temple, which features with the deities of the Balabrahmeshwara and Jogulamba. Nava Brahma Temples is a range of 9 Lord Shiva temples which are located in this region. All the temples provide excellent views of the ancient architecture that leads us way back to the time of kings and queens.
How to reach?
The Tungabhadra River flows near these temples and offers wonderful picturesque views of the paddy fields to the tourists. The town is nestled 90 kilometres away from the Mahaboobnagar District and just 27 kilometres away from Kurnool. The nearest major city in close proximity to this wonderful town is Hyderabad which is 200 kilometres away.

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