Makka Masjid – Pay a visit to one of the oldest mosques of India as well as the world


Makka Masjid is among the oldest mosques in Hyderabad and is visited by people from Hyderabad as well as all over India. It is believed that the construction of Mecca Masjid Hyderabad was completed by 8000 masons who worked non-stop. The entire construction took more than 77 years to complete. The construction of Mecca Masjid was started by Sultan Muhammad QuliQutub Shah in the year 1617 but was completed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb..There is an approximately 75-foot-high hall in the mosque. The Interiors of the mosque are intricately decorated with Belgian crystal chandeliers. Also, there are 15 arches which support the roof of the prayer halls. Verses from Holy Quran can be found written on the arches and the doors. It is said that more than 10000 people can worship in the mosque together.

How to reach Makka Masjid?

Makka Masjid is located barely 100 metres from Charminar, a popular attraction in Hyderabad. You can reach the place easily from the rail as well as road. The nearest railway station is Secunderabad Junction which is approximately 6 kilometres from the mosque. The Hyderabad Airport is located at a distance of 21 kilometres.

When to visit Makka Masjid in Hyderabad?

The perfect time to visit Makka Masjid is from December to February when the weather is comparatively pleasant.

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Makka Masjid Pay a visit to one of the oldest mosques of India as well as the world

Makka Masjid

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