Explore the religious Umamaheshwaram Temple


Umamaheshwaram is a Hindu Temple located in the midst of the dense Nallamala forest in Telangana. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which offers wonderful scenic views of the nature and is also the northern gateway of Srisailam. In fact, it is said visiting Srisailam without visiting Umamaheshwaram is incomplete. The temple is located at the top of the hill, offering wonderful views of greenery of the nature. Surrounded by huge trees of the hill, the temple experiences considerably lower temperature than the normal and there is hardly any sunlight falling in this area, thus it is commonly called as Poor Man’s Ooty.

Reach the temple comfortably
The temple is nestled at the very convenient location which makes it as a prime tourist spot and religious destination for offering prayers, as it is just 100 kilometres away from the Hyderabad. You can visit this temple throughout the year as the temperature is cooler here and the natural condition is refreshing.

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