Explore the mixture of natural beauty and religious temples in Govindarajula Gutta


Govindarajula Gutta is a small village located in Warangal District in Telangna and is a famous holy place for the followers of the Hindu religion. The place is covered with lush green forest and hilly terrain, offering amazing picturesque views to the tourists. One of the most famous attractions of the village is the temple dedicated to Lord Ram. There is also another temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman located in close proximity to this temple. A huge chariot is nestled at the top of the hill, which is the speciality of this region and is built of precious stones.

When and how to visit?
Ramnavmi is the most popular festival celebrated in this region as it witnesses the presence of devotees from all around the country and is the best time to visit this holy place. Being located in the Warangal District, the village enjoys awesome connectivity as it is very well connected with the rest of the state.

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