Enjoy the views from the Bhadrakali Temple


Bhardrakali Temple is an ancient architectural beauty located in Warangal District in Telangana. The temple features, among the oldest temples in the country and is dedicated to Kali Matha or Bhadrakali Ammavaru. Located in the midst of lush green hills, the temple offers serene and tranquil ambience to the devotees. From the temple you also get amazing views of the Bhadrakali Lake. The idol in the temple is built of stone and measures 2.7 x 2.7 meters. The origin of the temple dates back to 625 AD, which was constructed by Chalukya King Pulekesi II after successfully conquering Veni region of Telangana. The architecture of the temple showcases the style of the great Chalukya Dynasty.

Enjoy the wonderful connectivity
Located in the main city, the temple enjoys awesome connectivity through roads and rails. The best time to visit the temple is during the festivals of the Sarvana months i.e. between August and September.

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