Enjoy the tribal festival of Medaram Jatara and get a glimpse of the ancient India


Medaram Jatara, also known as Medaram Sammaka & Saraka Jathara is a tribal festival, which is celebrated in the month of February for 4 days. The legend had it that seven centuries ago, the tribes once went for hunting in the deep forests and saw a child who was secured by some cruel tigers. There was the glorious presence of light at the spot and after the incident, they became very prosperous. The child was treated as the god of the tribes as his presence had ushered in happiness and prosperity in the village. From then on, this festival is celebrated in the regions of Warangal by the Girijan tribes. The site of the festival and the rituals performed during the Medaram Jatara is 110 kilometersfrom Warangal city. More than 2 lakh people visit the festival site for seeking blessings.

How to reach the festival site?

The site of the festival can be reached by bus or taxi after reaching Warangal. The nearest railway station is Warangal railway station, which is more than 100 kilometersfrom the festival site which is in a remote village called Medaram.

When to visit?

The festival is celebrated in the month of February but the dates may vary each year. You must check the local calendar before arriving for the festival.

Medaram Jatara Video

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