Edupayala Dam and Vana Durga Bhavani Temple


Edupayalalies in Pappanapet Mandal of Telangana and is most famous for the popular EdupayalaVana Durga Bhavani temple. The Hindu temple has attracted devotees from all over the state, and at times from even further, and is a popular tourist destination in the region. The location is very scenic and it is here that seven streams meet to form the River Manjeera.

Nearest City
The nearest city to Edupayalais Medak, and is a mere 8 kilometres away. Most tourists who visit Edupayalato the temple first reach Medak and then continue towards Edupayala.

When To Visit
You can visit Edupayalaat any time during the year. However, the day of Shivratri as well as the day when locals celebrate Maagha Amavasya as per the Hindu calendar, are the best time to visit Edupayalaand have a great time at this beautiful location.

How to Reach
Edupayalahas good road connectivity and you can easily drive here from anywhere in the state. Medak is close to this location, and is connected to the rest of the state through bus facilities. You can first reach Medak and then take a bus to Edupayala if you do not have a personal vehicle of a hired car.

Edupayala Dam Video

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