Pillalamarri – One of the Wonders of the Mother Nature


Pillalamarri is an ancient banyan tree which is nestled around 3 kilometres away from the Mahaboobnagar District in Telangana. The location of the tree is very convenient as it is just 90 kilometres way from the Hyderabad. As we humans never exhaust by exploring the beauty and amazing creations of the nature, the nature also doesn’t get tired of surprising us with its extraordinary creations. One such wonders of the nature is the Great Banyan Tree which is called as Pillalamarri.

Visit the tree to see the creativity of the nature
It is one of the major tourist spots in Telangana and experiences a huge amount of crowd because of its extraordinary existence. It is approximately 700 years old and got its name because it spreads in several branches. The tree plays a very significant role in enhancing the tourism of the Mahaboobnagar District.

Witness various other attractions near the tree
In order to attract more tourists and offer more entertainment, the tourism department has developed a small exhibition centre here, which showcases various sculptures and statues reflecting the rich heritage of the region. You cannot recognize the main trunk of the tree as there are so many branches touching the ground. For more enjoyment there is also a mini zoo and a bird park.

Pillalamarri Video

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