Witness the scenic beauty at its peak at Himayat Sagar Lake


Himayat Sagar Lake is a man-made lake which runs parallel to the famous Osman Sagar lake in Hyderabad. Himayat Sagar Lake is one of the many lakes which you can find in the Hyderabad region. The idyllic beauty of the Himayat Sagar Lake makes it an ideal weekend picnic spot. The lake is named after Himayat Ali Khan, who was the son of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The purpose of constructing the Himayat Sagar lake of Hyderabad was to provide clean drinking water and also meet water requirements for irrigation in the region. The lake also replenishes the groundwater level of the region. From the tourists’ point of view, the road to the Himayat Sagar Lake offers great driving pleasure due to the beautiful and scenic location. Here, you witness the rarely found combination of clean air, profuse greenery and sparkling water, which makes it an ideal tourist spot.

How to get to this tourist spot?

It is located at a distance of 16 kilometersfrom Hyderabad and the Hyderabad Deccan Railway station is the nearest railway station to the place. Buses and taxis can be found frequently for getting to the attraction.

Ideal time to visit the place

Monsoons from July to September and winters from December to February is the perfect time to visit the lake.

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