Jurala Project – A place for power production


Jurala Project is a dam located around 10 kilometres from the Mahaboobnagar District in Telangana, the project is also known as Priyadarshini Project. The dam is nestled over the Krishna River and the reservoir of the dam is at 1045 feet above the sea level. The power project with a capacity of 11.94 TMC was started in the year 1995 and the water from the River Kuravpur Kshetra merges with the water of the dam. It is the only Hydroelectric Project running in Telangana which has the water supply throughout the year.

Enjoy in the serenity of the dam
Dam is one of the common tourist spots in Telangana as it offers to explore the calmness and freshness of the nature in a very serene ambience. There are various other tourist attractions near the project such as the Deer Park, which features with about 100 deer and Parthasaradhi Temple.

Reach the place with utmost comfort
The dam enjoys a very convenient location, which makes it very easy for the tourists to reach this project. Jurala is located 60 Kilometersfrom the Mahaboobnagar District in close proximity to the Gadwal and Atmakur towns. The nearest railway station to the project is the Gadwal railway station which is around 20 Kilometersaway from it.

Jurala Project Video

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