Get a marvellous tourism experience in Lakaram Lake


Lakaram Lake is a lake nestled in the calm and serene ambience of Khammam District in Telangana. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Telangana and can be a wonderful place for a family picnic. Surrounded by lush green trees and plants, the Lakaram Lake offers scenic views of the beauties of nature and several reasons to admire it. The location of the lake is very convenient as it is just 4 kilometres away from the bus stand.

Explore the picturesque views of the lake
15 years ago, it was just a lake with waste trees and herbs, but now it has been developed as an amazing tourist spot. The lake also features with a lush green park where you can enjoy and relax in the lap of the nature. You can also enjoy boating in the calm and tranquil water of the lake and witness the beautiful lush green surroundings.

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