Enjoy a family day out at Durgamcherruvu in Rangareddy district, Hyderabad


Durgam Cherruvu is a freshwater lake in Rangareddy district, which makes for a great picnic spot. There is an unmatched scenic beauty in the region, which makes it a preferred tourist destination in Hyderabad. The area in and around the lake is being developed as the tourist destination and the Telangana tourism department has started boating facilities as the first step. This lake is rather in a secluded place because in ancient times, there were no roads which led to the place and so the name- Durgam Cheruvu (Place which is tough to reach). The lake is shielded with granite rocks which makes the lake, one of its kind in Asia. This idyllic place is a heaven for the nature lovers. The lake has now been beautified by adding an artificial waterfall, floating fountain and a rock garden. A 2 kilometer long walkway has also been constructed so that the visitors may reach the spot easily.

Ways to reach Durgamcherruvu

DurgamCherruvu is located in Rangareddy district near Hitech city in Hyderabad at a distance of 9 kilometers from the Hyderabad Deccan Railway station. It can easily be reached by bus and taxi. The most prominent area of Hyderabad-Jubilee hills are also quite near the attraction.

Ideal time to visit Durgamcheruvu

The best time to visit the place is during monsoon and winter season. Prefer going in the evening when the fountains are illuminated with colorful lights.

Durgamcherruvu Video

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