Admire the natural beauty of the Ramappa Lake


Ramappa Lake is a superb exhibition of irrigation work of the Kakatiya Rulers established in the 13th Century AD. The lake is spread across a land of 82 square kilometres, the lake is surrounded by lush green from all sides offering amazing picturesque views of the glory of the nature to the visitors. The calm and peaceful environment of the lake will surely refresh your body and soul. It is a wonderful place for those who enjoy picnics and relax under the shades of sprawling trees. It will offer you endless number of reasons to admire the beauty and charm of the nature.

Enjoy the awesome location
Months between October and February are the best time to visit the lake as the temperature is cool with bright sunshine. The temple is located just 1 kilometer away from the RamappaTemple, which is another famous attraction of the region. The temple is 70 kilometersfrom Warangal District and is well connected though roads.

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