Visit Khammam in order to witness the rich ancient glory


Nestled 193 kilometres away from Hyderabad, Khammam District is one of the most important tourist destinations in Telangana. The district is wonderfully located on the banks of the River Munneru, which is a tributary of the Krishna River. The district features with the glory of the nature along with various historical sites which you just cannot afford to miss. The district is well known for its coal reserves in the region called as Singareni.
Khammam Fort – A must visit historical beauty in the district
Khammam Fort is one of the most famous tourist spots located in Telangana and holds historical importantance not only for Khammam but also for the whole state. The fort was established during the Kakatiya Dynasty in 950 AD and is the mixture of both Hindu and Muslim architectural brilliance.
Explore the union of two ancient architectural forms
It can be a great place to visit if you wish to witness the ancient architecture as it offers a glimpse of architecture in ancient times. It is a majestic fort, which is a mixture of different architecture and was built by rulers of different religions who ruled the area in past, thus, it makes it an extraordinary blend of various architectural styles. The construction of the fort was initiated by the Kakatiya rulers and was finished by the Qutub SHahi in 1531.

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