Get a taste of the past at the Medak Fort


Medak is an important district in the state of Telangana and is home to many attractions. One of the main attractions of Medak district is the Medak Fort. It is located 100 kilometres off Hyderabad and also one of the most visited sites in Medak. The fort has a rich historical background as it was built by Kakatiyan rulers in the ancient India. The fort appears like a Citadel on the rocks and was used by the soldiers as a vantage point.

Ways to get to Medak Fort in Medak district

The nearest district to the fort is Medak which can be reached by taxi and buses. Rail connectivity is not present in the district and the nearest rail head to the district is Manoharabad which is also at a distance of 42 kilometres. The perfect time to visit the fort is from the month of November to February as the climatic conditions are congenial for tourism.

Medak Fort Video

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