Visit the hub of art and crafts in Pembarti Village


If you are an admirer of art and like to love to buy artifacts, then Pembarti Village is a must visit destination for you as the village is famous for its artifacts, brassware, tools of brass and metal objects. You will be able to witness the whole process of crafts making and meet the artists who are expert artistic works. Endless numbers of tourists visit the village to witness the skills and creativity involved in the establishment of such brilliant artifacts.

Reach the place conveniently
The village is located in close proximity to the Warangal Railway Station, which is the easiest way to reach this hub of arts and crafts as it is just 60 kilometersaway from the Warangal City. The nearest airport to the village is Hyderabad International Airport, which is 148 kilometres away from the village. The mains months to visit the village are December to February when the temperature is a lot cooler.

Pembarti Village Video

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