Get a glimpse of Indian culture in the Kala Ashram


Founded by Ravindra Sharma, Kala Ashram is a place for traditional art, technology and science. The ashram is nestled in the peaceful and tranquil ambience of the Adilabad District in Telangana. The ashram showcases the art of melting pot culture which was started in this ashram by Ravindra Sharma.

Understand the complexities of life in the Kala Ashram
The existence of the ashram is based on the four principles of life, Artha, Moksha, Dharma and Kama that relate to the principles of economics, liberation, aesthetics and life. The ashram is the place for the research to make the ways of living easier for the people of India. If you wish to witness the cultural glory of the country, then Kala Ashram can be the perfect place to visit.

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