Statue of Karumadikuttan in Alappuza – The Only Buddhist Temple in Kerala


The only Buddhist temple in Kerala is the Karumadikuttan temple which is located in Karumadi, that is a small village between Kollam and Alappuzha. This is one of the top historical places in Kerala.

Karumadikuttan statue is located at a distance of 3 kms to the East in Alapuzha district. The statue is of 9th to 14th century. The Karumadikuttan is a black granite statue of Lord Gautam Buddha in a sitting position. This imposing stately statue of Lord Buddha is located on the banks of Punnamada lake at the backwaters. Only a half of the statue is left as the other half has been broken and it is said that it was done by elephants.

How to reach

If you wish to see this statue, then it is very much advised to reach this place either by road or by boat. Many houseboats cruises through this area. Surroundings of this place are really awesome. Sailing through the boat covers almost all the backwaters of Alleppey, Kumarakom, Varkala, Alumkadavu, Karumadikuttan and Kochi. Sailing along the gentle and clear backwaters is really a breathtaking experience one can feel. The water lilies in the night reflect the twinkling stars. So enjoy your boat ride.

Statue Of Karumadikuttan Video

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