Eravikulam National Park – A famous place for Nilgiri Tahr


Located in the Western Ghats in Idukki district of Kerala is the Eravikulam National Park, also known as the home of Nilgiri Tahr. Spread over an area of 97 sq km in Kannan devan hills, this park holds the largest population of Tahr, several species of rare animals, the birds and the butterflies. This is a great place for trekking. The park offers a magnificent view of the tea plantations and also stands out of its beauty for its rolling hills and grasslands. This park is also known for its massive flowering of Neelakurinji. It is an endemic shrub to this part of the Western Ghats which blooms once in twelve years because of its unique climate.

Rajamalai is the tourism zone of this National park, where visitors are taken into the forest here in their vehicles. 26 species of mammals, golden jackal, jungle cat, wild dog, dhole, leopard and tiger are the main animals seen here. 132 species of birds make their home here.

This is an ideal place where one can see here the awesome grasslands, shrub lands and the small forests. The park will be closed during the calving time of the Tahr, for the visitors.

Munnar is the nearest town which is 13 kms from Kerala and well connected via trains and buses. The nearest railway station in Kerala is Alwaye which is about 120 kms.

Eravikulam National Park Video

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