Fort Kochi & Chinese Fishing Nets in Cochin (Ernakulam) – A unique system of catching fishes


Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi is located in the city of Kochi, Kerala. These fishing nets are the fixed installations done in the land, which are used for catching fishes. This is a unique method of fishing, from the shore. The setup of these nets is done on bamboo and teak poles and placed in a mechanism where they can lower them into the sea when required.

The height of the Chinese fishing nets is about 10 meters and also limited operational depth. The operation is carried out by a team of six fishermen. These nets are operated based on the situation of the tide in the water. It is the skill of fishermen to catch the fishes with lot of care.

The fishes available in Kochi are the best fishes and have lot of taste in them in the world. You will get fresh fishes here. Lot many tourists are attracted towards this and capture them in their photographs. It’s a memorable and an awesome experience, during sunset falling on these Chinese fishing nets and the ships sailing in the back waters.

How to reach

Reach Kochi and from here you can reach Fort Kochi by cab, bus or autos. Local conveyance via road is well here.

Fort kochi & Chinese Fishing Nets Video

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