Visit the temple town of Jonnawada


Jonnawada is a small village in Nellore and is famous for temples. The most popular temple of the village is Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Kamakshi Amma temple which is believed to have been built in 1oth century. The presiding deity of the temple, Kamakshi is the incarnation of Shakti. A Sri Chakra was installed in the temple by AdiShankaracharya.

Ways to get to Jonnawada

Jonnawada is located 16 kilometres from Nellore and 6 kms from Sajjapuram. Road connectivity from Nellore to Jonnawada is excellent. The nearest railway station to Jonnawada is Nellore. After reaching Nellore, you can take bus or taxi to reach Jonnawada. The best time to reach Jonnawada is from December to February.

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Visit the temple town of Jonnawada


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