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Srikurmam is a village in Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh, which features with famous Srikurmam Temple. The temple is witnessed by the devotees from all around the country. Its origin dates back to 1281 AD. The name of the village is derived from the name of this temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the avatar of Srikurmam i.e. Tortoise. The temple is regarded as a holy place of Kurmakshetra. The moolasthanam (central portion) of the temple is regarded as a large saligrama. The image of the tortoise is not any sculpture carved by human, but it is a fossil of real tortoise.

Explore the architecture of the temple
The main attractions of the temple are carvings of Lord Vishnu and statues of the deities as they reflect the glory of ancient architecture. The mandapa of the temple comprises of lion pillars which give it a unique appearance.

How to reach?
You can travel to this village in a car or taxi from Srikakulam, as it is just 13 kilometres away from the district. Srikakulam Railway Station is the nearest railway station, offering easy rail access to the tourists. There are also various numbers of buses ran by the APSRTC for the convenience of the visitors.

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