Do not miss to visit the Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada


Vijayawada is a prominent city in Krishna district and is popular for several attractions among which Kanakadurga temple is regarded as very prominent. This temple is located on the bank of Krishna River atop the Indrakeeladri hills. Lakhs of devotees from across the country come to this temple to seek divine blessings from the Goddess Kanakadurga. The temple is ancient and finds mention in ancient texts and scriptures. Also, there are many mythological stories associated with the temple. The temple has thus become synonymous with Vijayawada and is one of the places where every religious person visit while in Vijayawada. In the days of Navratri, special Pujas are performed in the temple which is attended by a large number of devotees and tourists.

Reaching the Kanakadurga temple in Vijaywada

Vijaywada is a very big railway station and is connected by many major cities of the country. It falls on the national highway which connects Kolkata to Chennai. Therefore, the place is easily accessible by road as well by rail. Kanakadurga Temple is located at a distance of 8 kms from Vijayawada station.

Best time to visit the Kanakadurga temple

The monsoon and the winter seasonsare the perfect for visiting the temple and other attractions in Vijayawada as the weather is cool and pleasant.

Kanakadurga Temple Video

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