Fuel your adventurous side at Haailand, Guntur


Haailand is a themed resort and amusement park located in Guntur. Situated at National Highway no.5, it is quite near to Vijayawada and Guntur. There are a lot of attractions at Haailand Resort and themed park, including water rides and mechanical rides, food and shopping. There are various zones in the amusement park such as Cambodia, Tibet, China, Indonesia and Japan etc. It is actually a slice of Southeast Asia and offer several attractions which are akin to those found in the South East countries.

How to reach Haailand Resort and themed park?

The resort and themed park is located at NH 5 which is easily accessible by road. The nearest railway station is Guntur and Vijayawada. It is preferred that you come in your own vehicle or take a taxi.

When to visit Haailand, Guntur

You can visit Haailand anytime of the year. However, you are concerned about the weather try to plan your trip in winters so that the weather is cool and pleasant.

Haailand Video

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