Vizianagaram fort – Emperors of Kalinga in the ancient times


Vizianagaram fort was built by gajapathi rajas about 302 years ago. This was ruled by different hindu emperors of Kalinga in the ancient times. This fort was the foundation of the existing Vizianagaram city located here.  It is situated in Vizianagaram town of North Eastern parts of Andhra Pradesh, India. The vital event within the history of the district called bobbili war was fought here which took place in between the raja of Vizianagaram and the raja of bobbili in 1757 AD. The significance of Vizianagaram is the city of victory palce.

Vizianagaram fort Tourism Importance
Vizianagaram fort is the only fort seen in Andhra Pradesh with good condition, well maintained by archeological and tourism department.  This fort was built entirely in gothic architectural model.  It is the best and must see place for fort lovers and history admirers. It has the exclusive collection of olden armories. The fort is filled with full of greeneries which are maintained still today. The specialty of this fort is its battlements. These are built very hard and thick that it will not effect by any of the war happened here. The gateway towards the fort has a clock tower (Gantha Stambha) which is still running.

How to Reach
It is about 1.7 kms from Vizianagaram town and 68.9 kms from Visakhapatnam.

Vizianagaram Fort Video

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