Visit Gandikota Fort of true historical adventure


Gandikota is a small village located in Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its historical Gandikota Fort. The fort was established in the 13th Century by the Kappa king. The fort had a very significant role in various phases in the Vijayanagara, QutubShahi and Kakatiya periods. It was constructed to provide secure and protected stay to the rulers during that time and was made more secure by Pammasani Thimma Nayudu. Pemmasani Nayaks controlled the fort for more than 300 years.

Explore the mixture of ancient architecture and natural beauty
Surrounded by lush green forests, the fort offers you to witness the amazing views of the nature. 300 feet away from the fort flow the River Penna which offered natural security to the fort against intrusion. It can be a wonderful place to witness the glory of ancient architecture of the country along with the wonders of the nature.

Reach the fort conveniently
Tirupati airport is the nearest airport to the fort, located about 219 kilometres away. The area is also well connected through railways, you can board on the trains for Tirupati or Jammalamadugu railway stations and reach the fort comfortably. The area is also well connected through the network of roads.

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Visit Gandikota Fort of true historical adventure

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