Venkatagiri Fort: An ideal destination for history lovers


Venkatagiri fort (Venkatagiri Durgam) was constructed in the year 1775 AD and is quite popular with the tourists who visit the fort to witness its magnificence and splendour. The front part of the fort is called Indra Mahal, which looks really appealing. The fort is ideal for those who have an interest in history and visiting historic spots. The photographers will also find the place very exciting as they can get good snaps of the fort and the surrounding area which is very picturesque. Venkatagiri fort is like a landmark of Venkatagiri village.

How to get to Venkatagiri Fort?

Venkatagiri fort is the Venkatagiri district, which is located in Nellore district. The distance from Nellore to Venkatagiri is 88 km and from Tirupati is 50 kms. Excellent road connectivity is there in between Venkatagiri and other neighbouring areas. The nearest important railway station is Tirupati. You can come to Tirupati by train and then take a bus or hire a taxi to Venkatagiri Fort.

When to visit the fort?

The ideal time to visit Venkatagiri Fort is during the month of December to February as the weather is comparatively cooler and pleasant. If you are planning a trip to Kurnool, make sure it is during these months, so that weather does not become a spoil sport.

Venkatagiri Fort Video

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