Ghantasala is the perfect place for history buffs


Ghantasala is a town in the Krishna District and has a rich history associated with the place. In the year 1870, the officers of the East India Company had reported about the excavations. It was a major Buddhist seat as indicated by the remains of Buddhist stupas and other such artefacts unearthed at these sites. Ghantasala was once a flourishing town and also a major religious centre. A lot of things have been excavated from the historic sites which include Buddhist relics as well as Hindu scriptures and carved limestone pillars etc. Ghantasala is also known for handloom industry and the workers who craft wonders with their hands and skills. Handloom sarees and other dresses are quite famous among the locals.

How to reach Ghantasala?

You can reach Ghantasala either by bus or train. You will first have to reach Machilipatnam as it is connected to most of the major cities like Vijaywada. From there, you can take bus or private transport to reach Ghantasala as the road connectivity is good.

Ideal time to visit Ghantasala

Ghantasala can be visited at any time of the year, but the month of December to February is the best time to plan a visit as the weather is cool and pleasant.

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