Bobbili, Vizianagaram


Bobbili is a town/mandal headquarters and a Municipality in Vizianagaram district of Adhra Pradesh. The town and realm of Bobbili was established by Pedda Rayudu during the 17th century, the 15th descendant of the Rajah of Venkatagiri. Bobbili fort is located in this town. The fort in Bobbili is the resemblance of valor of telugu people.The town Bobbili is mainly famous in the history of state of Andhra Pradesh due to the historic battle which happened here in 1757 between the Raja of Bobbili and king of Vizianagaram. The Vizianagaram kings won the battle with the help of French.

There are many tourist places in Bobbili. So many places which belonged to the Sovereigns of Bobbili have now become tourist locations. Durbar Mahal/meeting hall is a glorious place with two stone elephants on the stairway. The Poojamahal and Bobbli guest houseare some other prominent places of the fort. The Prang Mahal opposite to the fort is a famous heritage site and drawsmany – tourists. The VenugopalaSwamy temple here is very famous and also very ancient temple in the district. There are many glorious structures built by the rajas of bobbili which are turned into heritage places.

How to Reach Bobbili
Bobbili is 55 Kilometres away from Vizianagaram and is reachable both by rail and road. It is well connected to other major cities of the state by rail and road so it is very easy to reach.

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