Take a look at the ancient glory by visiting the Ramagiri Khila


Ramagiri Fort, also known as Ramagiri Khila is located in Karimnagar District of Telangana. It is a marvellous historic place located at the top of the hillock providing picturesque views to the tourists. From the fort you will be able to witness the amazing scenes of the River Maner and the River Godavari. The area features with an abundance of Ayurvedic herbs and a diverse variety of flora and fauna. It is surrounded by lush green trees and plants which offers the tourists to enjoy in the lap of the nature and admire its glory.

Witness the diversity of flora available in the fort
Built of stones, the Ramagiri Khila spreads in a large area at the top of the hill and offer wonderful views of the nature form the elevated land. The fort is not only visited by the tourists but also by the doctors, scientist, botany students etc. because of its diverse flora and Ayurvedic herbs.
Explore the sites present in the fort
The fort features with many mythological related sites which were constructed by the kings who ruled this place. There are several historical sites located across the whole area of the fort such as Rama sthapita Lingam, which was built by Lord Rama for his prayers, Sitamma Kolanu, a small pond at the top of the hillock, Sita Ramalayam, a temple of Lord Rama and Sita.

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