Nelakondapalli – A town with the mixture of the natural beauties and historical temples


Nelakondapalli is a town and mandal headquarter located in the serene district of Khammam in Telangana. It is a historical site located 21 kilometres away from the Khammam District. The town features with a mud fortification wall of around 100 acres, which reflects the brilliance of ancient architecture. The town is also blessed with various temples such as 2 Vaishnava temples and 3 Shiva temples.

Visit the town in Dusshera for great joy and pleasure
Excavation by the archaeologists led to the discovery of viharas, a mahastupa, terracotta idols, wells, cisterns and a bronze idol of Lord Buddha. Dusshera festival is celebrated here with full joy and excitement and is the best time to visit this marvellous town.

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